What is SIGNlab?

SIGNlab is a platform for original videos in sign language, a virtual theatre for sign language culture. You can upload your creations in sign language, share and inspire people: poetry, rap, stories, whatever. All contributions will be collected in SIGNlab’s digital archive and you’ll be able to access them in different ways. Our mission is to show the world the beauty and power of sign language art.

Show what you’ve got

To participate and share your work, you need to sign up first. Make a video of your own performance and upload directly via your smartphone or your laptop. The platform is moderated by a native signing administrator, who will check your contribution. Uploads with inappropriate, insulting or rude content or copyright infringements will not be tolerated. Together we explore the boundaries and beauty of sign language culture.





How to Upload Video?

1. Register 1. Register as an artist – only artists can upload media. 2. Use an email password combination. 3. Activate your account via email 2. Edit Your Profile and Click Upload 1. Fill out a brief profile 2. Click the upload button to go to the upload area 3. Click Upload media to open upload box 1. Name your media 2. Enter the Category: and Tags: 3. Select a cover image 4. Select your own media 5. Start Upload 4. Share your media on social media